the health, happiness,
and fortunes of a person or group.



At midnight Friday February 12 we will be

back in our third lockdown.

This time at least for 5 days.

Even though supermarkets are remaining open as usual…


Many supermarkets will have shelves stripped bare again

by those wo do not contemplate the welfare of

the wider community as they panic buy.

Yet again.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Welfare

2 thoughts on “FOWChallenge-Welfare

  1. It was the same here in Perth. When the five day lockdown was announced the shelves were once again stripped bare! People seem to get confused with days thinking it’s months!


    • We have a Daughter in law working in BWS and previously Safeway where she met our son. They always grumble about human nature pre-public holiday. Supermarkets open every day and still it was chaos. Talking to D-i-L today she told me that her store took nearly double for a normal Friday yesterday

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