The Two Lost Mountains

(Jack West Jr, #6) 

Matthew Reilly


Matthew Reilly’s The Two Lost Mountains is the sixth in the series of Jack West Books, follows directly on from The Three Secret Cities.  Again Jack West Junior is doing battle with the various leaders and influencers of The Four Legendary Kingdoms.


Initially I found The Two Lost Mountains difficult to read.  The first third of the book seemed to take forever to read while the latter two thirds passed very quickly.  Although, overall, I enjoyed The Two Lost Mountains I find that I am growing tired of our heroes doing battle with the same or similar, villains.   And I hear there is a One lost/found/missing title still to come.


As usual, The Two Lost Mountains sees Matthew Reilly putting Jack West through all sorts of trials in his efforts to outwit and defeat the leaders of The Four Legendary Kingdoms.


As with all the Jack West books The Two Lost Mountains may be read as a standalone novel or as book six of the series.   If you are new to Matthew Reilly books be prepared for references to Secret Cities and Four Legendary Kingdoms.  There references are only minor, in my opinion, definitely not long winded references as with some other authors.


I did not pick the ending although I was asking myself how Reilly was going to end this novel.


Matthew Reilly fans will enjoy

Jack West’s adventure.


I have rated

The Two Lost Mountains

as a 

four star read.


At the time of completing my review

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Two Lost Mountains

an average of 4.30 stars

from 1,660 ratings

and 186 reviews.




The Two Lost Mountains

 can be purchased on-line at 

Amazon‎Booktopia, and Fishpond


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