Visual treats

Visiting Notre de Dame de Paris was a real treat…

…made all the more special after the Cathedral…

…was ravaged by fire with 12 months.

I guess I have seen the Eiffel Tower…

…lit up in movies, however seeing it

in person was fantastic.

The Moulin Rouge was also a

must see in Paris.

I doubt that even in my younger days

would I have gone fishing

in the vicinity of white water…


…let alone the white water of Victoria Falls.

An optional helicopter flight over Victoria Falls…

 …to view the effect the rushing waters of

the Zambezi River has had on the landscape

leaving previous falls sites high and dry.

A goodbye London special treat was

a ride on the London Eye.


Well worth the time for some nice views of London…

…after dark.


…after hearing my Father speak of Menin Gate

from time to time, I was pleased to find

a tour group that included a visit

to Menin Gate in its

Western Front itinerary.


So it was that in early June of 2017,

before a relatively small crowd, I was

part of the ceremony that commemorates

the Great War each and every night.

Three local buglers performed the last post

in a simple but moving ceremony at Ypres’

Menin Gate, in Belgium



Amanda                       Sandi

10 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday21-2901-Special-Treats

  1. You’ve given me a quick holiday Woolly! It’s been a long time since I’ve visited London, so long ago I don’t think the even London Eye existed. Thanks to you, I have a glimpse of the fabulous view that I’ll hope to see myself one day.


    • The Eye was not in existence when I first visited, in 1976. 😊. I think these are the only type of holiday we will be taking again this year. Western Australia is in a 5 day lock down this week because of its first community COVID transmission sinc April 2020.

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      • I think everyone in the East is having a chuckle about this one. WA has had its borders closed to the east all winter…10 months without community transmission. He is a security guard iI a quarantine hotel. In WA security guards are only required to have a mask on their person. They don’t HAVE to wear it unless in the presence of a infected person. He also had another gig as an UBER driver! Security Guards are not supposed to have another job. It seems WA was not watching our errors last year.

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      • Don’t feel sorry for him then! Seems like I heard a similar story last time … someone was doing two jobs – one in a hotel & other delivering pizza – and kept his second job a secret. Bad behaviour that.


      • The current gripe I have is that fruit farmers could nor import Pacific Island workers (little or no COVID), but it’s okay for around 1,000 players and their sidekicks to be imported from high risk areas for the Australian Tennis Open. As of this morning masks are compulsory again because a quarantine hotel worker has tested positive. Warm up games have been cancelled today. And while the state is back under restrictions from a virus brought in by someone involved with tennis, fruit farmers are feeding their fruit to livestock. Authorities now have the onerous task of tracking down 100 close contacts, and their close contacts

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