While visiting a nearby Men’s Shed we were treated to

a tasty morning tea.


During most recent Decembers…



…we hove been treated to a feast

of tasty home grown cherries.



Some, probably not so healthy treats

from a High Tea.


Above and below are two tasty courses from

Dinner on The Q Train.



The Q train is a tourist train which runs on a track

long enough to give staff and guests

time to serve and enjoy dinner. 

A few years ago we celebrated our

32nd Wedding Anniversary

with dinner on

The Q Train.




While not my idea of a treat this bear thought otherwise,

happily extracting a piece of fruit from

the hole in the tree limb.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Tasty-Treat





3 thoughts on “A-Photo-a-Week-Challenge-Tasty-Treat

    • Not at all! A Men’s Shed is roughly what the name implies…a place usually for retired or nearing retirement to meet and swap yarns at a minimum. Although most Men’s Sheds I have visited contain (again at a minimum) some wood working equipment to be used to manufacture individual projects or community projects. It is really up to individual sheds and their members to stock their shed as they see fit. Primarily it is a meeting place for men.

      Australian Men’s Shed link

      AMA link to our profile which is out of date, but will convey what a Men’s Shed is;


      As well as a meeting place we also alternate between monthly luncheon or dinner outings. About an hour’s drive, calling at a place of interest either on the way to or from our lunch venue. A social gathering with partners. While the name indicates men only, I believe women are also welcome and my first Google found a Bannockburn Women’s Shed FB page.

      I manage our Facebook page so am guilty of taking most of the photos. 2020 was a lean year due to lockdowns and bans on public gatherings.


      Hope my waffle has answered your question 😊. Our Facebook page has ‘friends’ from all over the United Kingdom and one or two from New Zealand as well as many Australian Men’s Sheds.

      I would surprised if this Organisation was not operating in other parts/countries as well.

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