Those That Remain

(The Mechanic Trilogy #1)


Rob Ashman



Rob Ashman was a new author to my reading list when I commenced Those that Remain.

Those that Remain feature three Florida detectives; Lucas, Bassano and Harper.

 Lucas is biding his time until retirement comes around, when a series of brutally sadistic murders is inflicted upon Florida’s summer population.  

The shock is more horrifying than one would normally think as three years earlier it was thought The Mechanic (the killer’s code name) was dead.  No family is safe from The Mechanic as whole families are ritualistically murdered.

What’s more the Mechanic seems to be always one step ahead the investigating team of detectives.  Does this indicate a mole in the police force?  Or is the killer just plain clever?


I have rated

Those That Remain

as a four star read.


At the time of writing my review

other Goodreads readers have awarded

Those That Remain

an average of 4.22 stars

from 1,211 reviews

and 152 ratings.


Those That Remain

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having been broken.

We did not realise, until after the fact,

that we had erected our Miss Saigons…

…right in the flight path of two young, energetic pups.


The result was not only a waste of time and money…

…we now had two pots to replace as well.


Originally this was Maggie’s bed.

However, I have a hunch Candi did not like it.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Broken