Way back in 1986,

when we purchased the farm we inherited

two of these trees in our front garden.

My memory says they were called

Illawarra Strawberry Trees.

Illawarra is a region south of Sydney

and while the trees did produce small

red berries, after flowering, they

looked nothing like the strawberries

which grace our dining table from time to time

These two images were captured in Victoria (BC).

The wall in the background is part of

a memorial to the

1994 Commonwealth Games.






frozen water, a brittle transparent crystalline solid

Icy snow on the roof in mid-June, at the

Columbia Ice-fields,





Winter, 2006 must have been cold.




I have never seen this since.









Commencing with yukky subjects

Not long after leaving the farm I found a

huge spider crawling up our front door.


Thinking it was ONE spider I brushed it off the door

only to see around 20-30 little ones

running around inside the house.


The things you don’t want to see in your garden.

Nature’s jewels.


Yes, the next two were posted in

my 2020 favourites post last week.

However, each bloom was barely a centimetre in length,

small enough to be included again.


A busy bee.

So busy it did not know it was my subject.

Queen Mother Agapanthus

about to receive a visitor.




There’s something good in here.

Might be a bit longer than I thought.


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