Not having many from which to chose

I put my on slant on this week’s theme.

A Male Lesser Masked Weaver

nest building

Males do all the nest building and

if not up to scratch Mrs Weaver pulls it apart

and he starts again.


Red Breasted Weaver working out

on the uneven bars…




A split second alter it was in a death dive


Maybe a Pacific Black Duck

at Geelong’s

Balyang Sanctuary.



May be a relative to the

Balyang Sanctuary Black Duck. 

A very distant relative captured

at St. James Park,

in London.






7 thoughts on “BirdWeeklyPC-Upside-Down-Birds

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  2. I love your shots this week! You have content at the end of this blog that I think didn’t come out. Paragraph blocks that are still showing up with the “C” bird links if you want to fix it and update. Not sure if you can see it on your end. Fabulous shots of the Red Breasted Weaver! 🙂


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