a substance that flows freely but is of constant volume,
having a consistency like that of water or oil.

Frozen water of Alaska’s, Margerie Glacier

tumbles into the chilly water of Glacier Bay….


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Liquid




When the Snow Gums Dance


Anne McCullagh Rennie

When the Snow Gums Dance another enjoyable read by Anne McCullagh Rennie, commences in Snow Gum country in Victoria’s Alpine region and features Kylie Harris who is the ski queen of her local district.

Neither Kylie nor her sister Gwen is happy when their parents decide to move to Dunk Island to run a resort.  The girls want snow and so they decide to head off Canada’s Whistler snow fields to work the season.  While in Whistler they are asked to stay on and work the next season in Aspen.  A big mistake!

After returning to Australia Kylie’s next move is into aid working in Papua New Guinea.  While there she bumps into Danno a boy who she had teenage crush on many years prior.  However, again fate intervenes.   After completing her time in Papua new Guinea she is only days away from returning to aid working, this time in Sri-Lanka, when fate deals another card.

Legend has it that if two people kiss beneath the snow gums, the result will be a love greater and more potent than any other on the face of the earth.  The question is, will Kylie find her one true love after a snow gums kiss?

When the Snow Gums Dance is an easy read, fast paced, romance by Anne Rennie.  It is devoid of coarse language and heavy sex scenes.  When the Snow Gums Dance, a breath of fresh air after reading other novels which almost revolve around the bedroom.

If you like good clean storylines I feel certain that you will love Anne McCullagh Rennie’s novels.

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When the Snow Gums Dance

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When the Snow Gums Dance

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