intervene in a situation without invitation or necessity

Candi always chews on Taji’s ears…


…or neck.

 Don’t how Taji puts up

with all the interference.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:...Interfere







I have included some birds which contain

the letter C in their name. 

My bad!

One of a…


…pair of Cape Barren Geese…

…and presumably their chick.


Female Mallard Duck


Pacific Black Duck

Black Cockatoo



Corella Cockatoo.

(Cacatua Licmetis sanguinea)



Sulphur Crested…



Cacatua galerita



Pink and Grey Cockatoos. 

Commonly known as Galahs

What a wonderful bird is the Pelican

its beak can hold more

than its belly can 🙂


Black Swan and Signets



LIttle Pied Cormorant