a feeling of expectation and desire for
a particular thing to happen.

A perfect theme

for this week

…the end of 2020…thank goodness.

Here’s hoping for a

Happy 2021









I posted this image in a Facebook

group with the caption… 

abandoned or not?

Or words to that effect.

Wrong caption! 

The image never made it past admin because,

we don’t play guessing games

in this group. 

I was simply wondering aloud if the

building was abandoned.

I still wonder simply because it has curtains.

But now I know! 🙂 

Yes…2020 has been strange one.



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Abandoned






Google tells me that Carnations are one of

the birth flowers for January; 

the other being the SnowDrop.


These image were all tagged as Carnations.

I suspect mostly the miniature variety…

…or even Dianthus.

I thought them…



appropriate for…

…Day 1 of 2021…


…the birth of a New Year.

…from our garden

Happy New Year