make (someone) feel completely baffled.

She could smell food.

She could hear food.

She found it perplexing the first few times

she encountered her kong.


That only lasted a few feeds though,

after which she was extracting her food

from the Kong nearly as quickly as if

it was in her bowl.








sly or cunning intelligence.

You would think that butter wouldn’t

melt in Candi’s mouth.



The number of times we have watched her start barking

in her own daybed, charge along the house still barking.

By this stage Taji, now awake is trying frantically

to catch up and be in on the kill;

only to see Candi stop suddenly,

Taji continues and Candi trots back

and settles down in Taji’s bed as in the above photo.

Many times we have also seen the same happen

when there is a bone which Taji has been

chewing and Candi wants.

And Labradors are supposed to be intelligent.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:...Guile



My artistic skills are almost non-existent…

…however, a few clicks of my mouse and

I can create digital abstracts from nature. 

This is/was a canola crop

From memory an underexposed image

of Corio Bay water.

Corio Bay again for a CD cover challenge,

I believe.


Putting a new spin on an old daisy image.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Art