Mirror, mirror, on the floor, who is….



 A Balyang Sanctuary bath.



Percy Pelican with his

eye on the prize…


What a big beak I have..


Preening Percy.


Landing gear down.


Touchdown and lift off…





Corio Bay mirror… 










Precious moments of around thirty years ago.

Bath time


His own table and chair


Then came the child who would have been

an only child had he been the first child.

He loved his soft toys

There is no way I would try and reenact this image


Back in the winter I was handed this image

without explanation…

Turns out it is our first grandchild due around mid-February.

With every goods news story come a not so good story.

Several months after receiving the scan we were

told of another arrival due next year.

It was early days and the stress of buying/selling

and moving homes, we suspect,

may have contributed to this good news

being the not so good news with 48 hours.


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