My first entry to the One-to-Three Challenge.

Generally speaking most of my processing

is cropping, sharpening and straightening.

Original image.

Straight out of Camera (SOOC)




Cropped and sharpened.

Final crop.



HDR default pre-set filter applied

simply to see how it looks.

Finally my Goto editor is Picasa

which Google no longer supports.

Next  Photoshop Elements 13.

Yesterday I added Photoscape X

to my short list of editors.





Badge for the one-to-three photo processing challenge.





This morning I was contemplating photos

for his post…

…when I discovered these images from our second winter

in the Geelong region.



Not a lot has changed in the intervening years.


My Kodak DX7590 Digital Zoom was

my pride and joy in 2007.

These days it would be lucky if its

memory card could hold one photo.

How times change.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  1612






Our cherry tree a few months ago


Ginko leaves


Morning sun and foliage.

This time of year a very common sight.

Sheep being sun smart.

Sun smart sheep.


A Grass Tree (Xanthorrhoea australis)

formerly known as Black Boys

Follow the preceding link for the story

behind their name.

A portion of the most important tree

at this time of year.