shock or greatly surprise.

To say we were astounded when Maggie returned…

to her bed at the back door in this state

would be an understatement.



To top off the day she looked as guilty as sin.

We never did find a place in  the garden

that had been freshly turned and

Maggie never returned to bed in that state

ever again. 🙂








the state or situation of being alone.

I’m certain I can still feel the solitude I felt…

…when waiting for, and after sunset…

…in the late evening hours and the

early hours of each morning…



…spent in Alaska’s inside passage.







With recent temperatures nudging

the mid 30s Celsius here we live

and mid 40s further inland…

…I thought I would be posting a

December beach photo this week.


Then I remembered our 2018 visit to

the Columbia Icefields.


For many of us it was our first exposure to falling snow,

…let alone spending time walking

on a glacier in snow conditions.

We were told that the previous week

temperatures had reached 30 degrees.

While our visit was in early June, that is,

not winter, it is the best I could do.

SUNDAY STILLS PHOTOS:...Winter-Wonderland