have a portion of (something) with another or others.

Two pups leaning life’s lesson the hard way...

There is no sharing when it comes to food.

Also note the bone near young Taji.

But she wants the bone already taken.



We used to have a chuckle at the

companionship in this scene.

That was, however, until we noticed Taji

sitting out in inclement weather while

Candi was nice and warm in Taji’s kennel.

I don’t know why Kelpie’s think they

can bully Labradors or for that matter

why Labradors allow it to happen  🙂








the whole series of past events connected
with a particular person or thing.


I doubt that my Grandfather, or any of his colleagues realised that

they were making history at 1245, August 5th, 1914

when they fired The First Shot of World War 1.

Nor would they have contemplated that 100 years henceforth…

…their descendants would gather at Point Nepean…


…for a re-enactment of that day to remember fallen loved ones

and those that had their lives shortened

after serving in The Great War.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…History