A Red Rump Parrot



 An Australian native is the… 

Eastern Rosella.

As its name suggests it is found along

the East Coast of Australia.


The Rainbow Lorikeet…


…an aptly named parrot.




A few days ago Galahs came up

in a list of birds with red feathers. 

This morning Wiki says Galahs have

pink feathers with a red headdress. 

If they do have red head feathers,

I have something to aim for.






27 thoughts on “BirdWeeklyPC-With-Red-Feathers

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      • 🙂 Getting a week ahead of yourself. I’m so behind I don’t know if I’m coming or going. I’ll be glad to get back to normal after the holidays. Okay…covid normal, but not rush every order out ASAP because of the Christmas deadline type of normal. LOL! 🙂 I’m ready to get back to writing blogs.


      • I’m mixed up every week! At least you were consistent if you did it with Cee’s challenge too. I’m ready for next year too! Can’t get here soon enough. Vaccines started getting distributed this week to medical personnel. At least I won’t be eligible until maybe we see some side effects. I don’t take the flu shot because of how sick it makes me. 🙂


      • Our news services told me that I will be eligible for first round jabs. Next in line is the 19-39 age group….because they are so mobile….and will not obey stay home directives. Italics is me talking.

        Yes roll on 2021.

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      • Not how we are doing it here. Hospital staff and people in assisted living is first. First responders are 4th in line. More stupid moves! I may not get it until we see what the side effects are. I don’t get the flu shot because it makes me very sick. Except for birding and occasionally go to the store for groceries, I stay home. I’m tired of staying home though. 🙂


      • 12 age categories here. By the time the vaccine arrives I will be in the ‘elderly/first’ category. Not sure where the 19-39 age next came from…or who made the comment except that it was on television. Since have heard it will be in age brackets with youngest not being jabbed until perhaps 2022.

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      • Yeah, we got a long way to go to a healthy world again. Our numbers continue to rise. Deaths are between 2K-3K every day in the US. I believe we will be at 400K dead before this is under control and maybe higher if the vaccine doesn’t work or if people continue to be stupid. The changing of the guard on Jan 20th could prove to be change for the better. 🙂


      • I think January 20 should bring a change also. As far as COVID goes there are talks of closing borders again because of an outbreak in Sydney. It was up to 17 cases this morning (Friday)…hardly worth worrying about compared to your numbers

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      • The U.S. has as many deaths per day that we had during 911 when the Trade Center towers were hit. You know the numbers that we surpass is just unbelievable. Wow, closing the borders with 17 new cases. At least they are taking it seriously! We can’t even get our bars and restaurants closed & they are back to allowing alcohol being served. I think this is the biggest problem! 🙂


      • More than 911 per day??? I hadn’t looked at it that way. I guess neither did the Whitehouse. The current outbreak is in the Northern Beaches area…up to 28 cases this morning more figures to come around 1100…now 0900. Pubs, cafes, and churches have voluntarily closed for the weekend to help control the spread prior to Christmas.

        A few weeks ago Australia opened to some international flights. All arriving passengers being sent into hotel quarantine. Authorities have only just realise that airline staff are not passengers and, therefore wandering off into the community unchecked and untested. There’s been one big scramble to rectify this issue. Similarly an international passenger managed to get from the international terminal in Sydney to the domestic terminal and fly oh to Melbourne…no checks. An alert employee notified authorities.

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      • Yes, over 3000 people died in America yesterday from covid. My husband looked at it that way.

        You couldn’t pay me enough to get on a plane right now…not even in 1st class. I need to be outside so being quarantined in a hotel room is not appealing at all. Looking forward to travelling when this is over. By then, I will have two free domestic 1st class tickets. My miles keep adding up. 🙂


      • I know what you mean regarding travel. We postponed our June trip to Africa until next year and are now not sure about this year. Particularly as borders are being closed mid flight, in some cases, with all passengers requiring quarantine.

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      • I think we are going to begin postponement talks with Africa….again 😕. Sydney cases this morning (Monday) are up over 60. Nearly doubled overnight. There are hard and soft borders in place again. Sydney Sixers are no longer welcome and Victorians in NSW have until midnight to quarantine at home; after midnight and it’s straight into hotel quarantine at traveller’s expense.

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      • The US could take note! Last Saturday and Sunday, (2 day total), Florida…not the US….Florida had 17,000 new positive cases. It is unreal and unconscionable that the Trump Administration has allowed this to happen the way that it has and Ron Desantis is so far up Trump’s arse that he can’t see the daylight! No mask mandate and no restrictions on bars and restaurants. HELLO??? Thanks for letting me rant! I’m super pissed off at this whole situation and a lot of people are dying every day when this could have been prevented to some extent. 🙂 Okay, I think I’m done for the moment. LOL!


      • My reply may annoy you even further…though I hope not. 🙂
        I am not disagreeing with you, however, I did do some Google research…Florida vs Australia. Results were astonishing to say the least. Today, Christmas Eve…Victoria has been 50 days without community transmission and Queensland 100 days . That of course is pending today’s figures which are not released for another hour or so.
        The Northern Beaches suburbs in Sydney have been split in two over Christmas.. One section allowed no more than 5 for Christmas Day aND the five must come from that same ‘locked down’ area. The rest of NB suburbs are allowed 10 people in for Christmas…they can be from anywhere in New South Wales except the locked down suburbs.

        POP. FL 21.5M AU 24.5M
        Covid FL 1.22M AU28,238
        Deaths FL 20,753 AU 908
        Pop DensityFL 141 AU 3 /sq. kilometre
        Pop DensityFL 365 AU 9 /sq. mile

        Enough of my ramblings. I hope you and yours have a very merry Christmas and a Safe 2021. Nearly forgot…Roll on Jan 20. Although there was a US Politician on our news service last night saying “we are going to keep fighting…overturn Georgia (and other states) and win the election…”

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      • Yep, you made my point quite nicely! Nothing is getting overturned except Trump pardoning all his cronies before he gets out of office. There won’t be anyone to pardon him when he goes to the big house!

        Merry Christmas to you and your family as well! Here’s to a better 2021! 🙂


  2. Guess what? you did this coming week’s birds for last week. It was “B” Birds. LOL! I’ve been so out of it with orders, I didn’t realize it until now when I’ve started my round up post. OMG! Well, I can use the Blue Wren for the image. Also, I didn’t see a penguin??? You can repost some of these for this week. We are not lost causes! Finally get my head back to some normalcy! 🙂


    • Sorry Lisa. Will fix later today. That post was not due until Saturday. It’s Red Feathers this week isn’t it? There wasn’t a penguin photo just an explanation why Fairy Penguins are known as Little Penguins now. Apologies to all. And thanks for the heads up

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      • It is red feathers starting tomorrow with my blog. You can ping this one to that tomorrow. Are you going to post a different blog to the “B” birds? You have until 6am Eastern time. 🙂 Sorry I didn’t catch it sooner.


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