A Red Rump Parrot



 An Australian native is the… 

Eastern Rosella.

As its name suggests it is found along

the East Coast of Australia.


The Rainbow Lorikeet…


…an aptly named parrot.




A few days ago Galahs came up

in a list of birds with red feathers. 

This morning Wiki says Galahs have

pink feathers with a red headdress. 

If they do have red head feathers,

I have something to aim for.











One of the joys of running a sheep farm was

watching pups grow from the cute and cuddly,

to become and indispensable team member.

And little did I know, in December 1987,

just what a wonderful workmate Brandy

was going to be.



However, by February 1988, I had an inkling

there was something special about Brandy.  

About this age and size he had taken off around

the rams and mustered them.  

Rams would often stand up to or attack sheep dogs.  


As Brandy aged he became my best ever sheep dog.




The Master and the apprentice.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….Working-With-Animals