My first encounter with a public transport bus,

was at the ripe old age of 25 in London.

I purchased a 15-day bus pass to move around the U.K.

With my bus pass in hand I hopped aboard

the first bus that came along.

Yes, it was a red double decker bus.

How many of my readers saw or remember

the English TV show,

On the Buses’?   

Very briefly for those who have not seen the show.

It is about an English bus driver who always seems

to be upsetting/crossing the conductor,

who, in turn, readily points out in no uncertain

terms the driver’s indiscretions.

So here is a weary Woolly sitting in the middle

of the back row on top of red DD bus.

Conductor approaches for ticket,

takes one look at my pass and then proceeds

to deliver a tirade during which he points

out that I was on a RED Bus with a GREEN Bus pass.

My mind raced quickly to many similar scenes

from On the Buses and I spent that five minutes or so,

desperately not trying to burst out laughing.




In fact I have spent far more time aboard

holiday coaches where it seems almost

nothing is out of bounds.

Dancing, playing card, singing,

watching movies and sleeping.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Bus-Riding


17 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-PC-Bus-Riding

  1. PS. Yes, I remember On the Buses very well, with Reg Varney as the bus conductor and the miserable bus Inspector Blakey who was always having a go at Butler (Reg Varney)! And the poor suffering Olive!


  2. Ah, the Red London bus! Every city in the Uk used to have one of those. Today most cities have every colour imaginable.

    London’s not quite as crowded today due to covid! Thanks very much for doing the challenge, Woolly. 🙂


  3. Haha I do remember that show. When we go back to the UK we always get on red buses to get around London. Nothing better than sitting on the top at the front.
    I’ve also done lots of coach travel through Europe in my twenties and remember those raucous rides 😄


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