the emergence of a baby or other young
from the body of its mother;
the start of life as a physically separate being.


During my farming life I have assisted at hundreds of births

and watched in awe as ‘my babies’ struggled to their feet

to begin their lives….usually on a cold winters day.



Fast forward to 1988 and again I was in total awe at seeing

a tiny 7 week old heartbeat on our son’s first ultrasound.

Early in 1989 I watched as No. 1 son was born.

For the ensuing 315 seconds I was comforting MGW,

trying to sound cheery, while all the time

watching nurses moving more frantically

by the second as they tried to get our son to breathe.


Back in the winter our son thrust the above image

into my hands sans explanation.

Now we are waiting for the birth of our first grandchild.

The birth will take place in

Auckland (daughter-in-law’s hometown)

in February, 2021.