These look a bit like pansies to my eye…

…Blue Bells (I hope)…




…strong colours…

…all captured at

The Hobbiton Movie Set,


New Zealand.

One of our new Petunias

Not so new daisies


Wet daisy.

One of my favourite daisy images.

Finally, an Agapanthus.




While living on the farm we spent most

Christmases in Geelong with the in-laws.

After making the 200 kilometre drive the first thing

we would do was head for an automatic car-wash

before making our way to sister-in-law’s house.

By the time we reached Geelong our car usually

looked fairly grubby when compared to ‘city cars’.

It was difficult to keep any coloured car clean

on country roads and if I did wash the car prior

to leaving in all likelihood it would be covered

in dust or mud from road works on

the journey to Geelong.

We always thought the car looked great after

a run through the automatic car wash.

One Christmas, however, car washes arose

in conversation…as they do…and the

fussy/thorough brother-in-law commented

that he was not happy with our carwash as

it left an inch or two not properly cleaned

where the boot/trunk meet the rear bumper.

As usual he was correct!

However, he never saw what we started out with

before the car wash had wielded its magic.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Car-Wash