On Friday (November 13) I decided,

after finding a web page which provided

shipping arrival and departure times

at the Port of Melbourne, to venture down to

Point Lonsdale to view ships

entering or leaving Port Phillip Bay

Unfortunately the drive was a bit longer than expected

and my 0730 departure was ten minutes early.

Later I discovered it had departed Melbourne

between 5 and 10 minutes earlier than scheduled

and I  just managed a couple of shots before

this vessel was well on its way

into Bass Strait.






Incorporated in our neighbourhood are images

from our garden to the coast


Captured in our garden, the

Superb Fairy Wren.




One of our backyard residents,

the New Holland Honeyeater.

A beach wedding at Torquay.


Barwon Heads Beach



Barwon Heads-Ocean Grove Bridge

connects both coastal towns literally

where the Barwon River joins

Bass Strait.

A wildflower…an Ixia perhaps. 

Suggested by

Melbourne Wildflower

Facebook Group


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