a cylinder or block of wax or tallow with a central wick
which is lit to produce light as it burns.

Prayer candles in a Church.


A candlelight dinner.




Book Review-Dirty-Empire

Dirty Empire

Dirty Empire Book #3


Nina West/K. A. Tucker


Dirty Empire, book three of the Dirty Empire series by K. A. Tucker, aka, Nina West, continues with the Mercy and Gabriel relationship within Easton crime family.  Being book three of a series and it would be better if books one and two were read first.  I make this suggestion because all three books have had surprise cliffhanger endings the aftermath of which is the beginning of the next book. However, both Gabriel Fallen and Dirty Empire could be read as standalone short novels as long as you don’t mind not knowing all the details of the previous book.  


Dirty Empire is the first of the Trilogy where bedroom antics do not overshadow the story line.  Where Mercy is concerned, a softer, more human side of Gabriel emerges.  However, regarding ‘business’, the brothers Easton show their harder side in Book Three. 


Whether readers like, or dislike, detailed descriptions of his love life (Books 1&2), I think many readers will read the series just to find out what happens in the next book.  All three books have moved along at a cracking pace and all three have had totally unexpected cliffhanger endings. 


The fourth book of the Dirty Empire Trilogy (this is not a typo-see Goodreads Sweet Mercy blurb) is to be published in September 2021.

At just over 200 pages the Dirty Empire series could be labelled a series of short novels.



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Night shots from a variety of places.

Big Ben and Parliament House

from the London Eye

Arras Bell Tower and Place des Heros



Our night cruise on the River Seine

gave us a multitude of river-side parties…

annd a different perspective

of the Eiffel Tower.

The drive back to our hotel took us past

the Arc de Triomphe…

…and also city lights.

After arriving in Dubai at 0400,

we had a quiet day…

…prior to  boarding a Dhow for a…

…Dubai Creek Dinner Cruise.

Just a few colourful images…

…from our Diner Cruise on…

…Dubai Creek.

Night two saw us on a desert safari and dinner,

with entertainment provided by a fire dancer…

…and a belly dancer.

A great time was had and if you don’t mind

sand from horizon to horizon you

will love the experience.


I’m not a fan of sand.


One Word Sunday Challenge:…Night