a person or thing that combines
contradictory features or qualities.

Not certain that this is a paradox. 

However, I cannot think of anything more

contradictory to find on

Melbourne’s 21st Century roads…

…than a horse and carriage stopped

at traffic lights alongside a

21st Century Honda automobile.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:…Paradox





I have taken some license regarding the word walking this week.

I have combined riding a lawn mower and walking.

Last Friday afternoon I was cutting the grass

in front of our house when, about 50 metres away,

I noticed a Spur Winged Plover (Masked Lapwing)

which appeared to be sitting on a nest.

It was nesting and had two eggs which were

sitting on a bare piece of ground.

A most inhospitable place to bring

two offspring into the world.

Remaining two to three metres away

I cut a circle around the nest and hoped

Mrs Plover would return.

Which she did.



Come Saturday afternoon and not only

was there an extra egg in the nest,

there had also been some home decorating done.

The newly mown grass had been gathered

and wrapped around the eggs,

making the nest look more like a nest.



Amanda                       Sandi





food made of flour, water, and yeast
mixed together and baked.

When the boys were very young this type

of bread became known as mouse bread.

And like all names that we wish

would go away, it stuck.

So when the ladies at the local cafe

ask if I want my sandwich on

White, Brown, Whole Grain or Multigrain Bread 

a startled expression crosses their face

when I reply

Mouse Bread will do thank you