All ducks

photographed near,


I only have a few images of birds…


…which I would call game birds…


…and those are ducks.


I think these are various varieties

of wild ducks…


…mostly found at

Balyang Sanctuary…


…well inside Geelong City limits.


Like humans some prefer not to be photographed.


A South African Quail in Kruger National Park.

Not sure if they are game birds in SA, however,

their Australian Cousins were highly regarded

as a meat bird by those who liked the sport

when I was younger.






8 thoughts on “BirdWeeklyPC-Game-Birds

    • Thank you, Lisa 😊 Will not argue with your Pacific Black Duck ID. The only thing I know about wild ducks is that there are, Black, Wood, and Teal varieties Of ducks. To my knowledge I have never seen all three together to be able to identify differences

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      • This goes back to the google conversation. I googled ducks in Geelong. Great clue. I found several ducks & the Pacific was logged on eBird that day. Looked like it to me. I’m learning so much. 😊


      • Even thee school libraries were foreign to me. It’s only MGW’s influence that has me reading/listening to books…and of course their availability also. I’m certain that if I still had to venture into the building on a regular basis my enthusiasm would soon wane 🙂 Going to the library means a trip to my PC and downloading audiobooks. A read book is usually downloaded to my iPad’s book app.

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      • I unfortunately read books from my kindle now too. We have a wall of built-in bookcases that is filled with books, but the only ones that I seem to use are my cookbooks. I need to get Harry Potter down and read them again. 🙂


      • I haven’t taken a book off my library shelf for nearly a decade now . I may only read one or two real books each year. I have tried watching Harry on several occasions but 30 minutes is all I last before the eyelids grow to heavy to keep open.


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