MGW weaves the Christmas Magic

in our home.

Usually our tree is erected on the

first weekend of December.

However, this year it may be a week early

as we are having a Christmas lunch

or dinner (not sure which)

some time during the first weekend.

Over recent years we have collected

Christmas decorations during our travels.


Our tree is now covered with decorations….


…from Europe, Dubai and our recent

Canada and Alaska adventure.

All of these decorations invoke

memories of our travels.


On December seventh or eighth

No. 1 Son & No. 2 Daughter-in-Law

are New Zealand bound where they will remain

until their baby is born in mid-February.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Christmas-Magic

6 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Christmas-Magic

  1. Love the tree. Ours normally goes up during the last weekend of November. This year it will go up this weekend. Most people in the UK are starting early as we’re all in need of some Christmas sparkle.

    Hope your Christmas meal goes well. You can always have a second on the day.


      • I think too. We are only having an early family event because No. 1 Son is spending it with his ‘in-laws’ in New Zealand. We usually spend Christmas with my ‘in-laws’. Then, COVID reared its ugly head for a while. Now government is talking about easing restrictions further. As of this morning, (saturday, November 21) Victoria has only one active COVID case and has had 22 consecutive days with no new cases and no deaths. So we may have a normal Christmas with any luck


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