written works, especially those considered of
superior or lasting artistic merit.

My reading literature…

…probably will not be around…

…in 100 years or so and may never be regarded as classics.

Finally, over the past decade I have slowly changed

from paper to ‘literature’ which is now in digital format.

The days of the new book smell are long gone,

as have my ideals of having a physical library in our house.

The only library is a virtual one.




8 thoughts on “Word-of-Day-Challenge-Literature

      • We use our local library as wells as one o two online libraries one of them being b-ok.global. From memory I believe you are limited to 5 books per day unless you ‘sign up‘ with the site. To date there have been no known issues with the site.



      • I smile when I see the warning . I’m happy if I get through a book in two to three weeks. If you happen to use an iPad, Safari displays a small round circle near top right corner of Safari after you tap download on website. Tap the circle and then tap download to my books. I think it silly but it is effective and quick.


      • Amazing is an understatement I think. I used to think $20 audiobook on eBay was a bargain…. 😀 So many authors so many books…you just miss out on the new book smell. If ever you see a book which is kindle only (Amazon), Leslie wolfe is one such author to be found only on Amazon, simply download the app buy your book from amazon and it will be delivered without any further fuss to your iPad app. Now I’m going to stop raving on. Enjoy :-).

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