A few years ago my Aunt

(the youngest in the image)

gave me quite a few of these

family photos from the past.

The youngest Fonce, is now 86 years of age.

Her sister Mary passed away in 2016 aged 90.

Frank, my Father, died suddenly in

February 2001, aged 79.


Grandfather, Bill, whom I often mention for

his World War I service died in August 1952,

about a week after this photo with his then

only Grandson, possibly only Grandchild

(yours truly) was taken.

Margaret Ryan, my Grandmother,

passed away in 1974, aged 83.


Below is a photo of the original photo.

Can you imagine what this family would have said if told

that one day this photo would be posted for

a potentially world wide audience to view?



Amanda                       Sandi

2 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Postcard-From-The-Past

  1. Great photos and family pictures Wooly. Your father & grandfather look so much alike. Do you look like them too? Maybe with some digital wizardry you could line up all three generations together and see 🙂


    • Thank you SandL. Sometimes I think it takes others’ eyes to see a resemblance. I’ve en told I sound like dad and the boy voices are similar to mine. No. 2 Son has inherited the paternal genes more than No. 1 Son I think.


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