In 2017 I visited the World War I…

…Western Front Battlefields in

France and Belgium.

My Paternal Grandfather served on

the Western Front during that conflict. 



Lochnagar is a privately owned ‘attraction’

created  after allied forces tunnelled

under Germany’s Army and detonated

25 tonnes of explosives.

 The crater is approximately 300 feet

in diameter by 90 feet deep

and is the only surviving crater

of many other such craters,

which are now filled in.


Along the boardwalk around the crater

are these small plaques commemorating

a family member who had served on

the Western Front during

The Great War. 

In 2017 each plaque cost

GBP25 or approximately $AUD45.



After several emails, the transfer of funds

and a few months waiting for

the ‘next batch‘ to  be placed,

I now have a small memorial

to my Grandfather on the battlefields

upon which he served.



Lest We Forget.


A Photo a Week Challenge:….In-Memoriam









tempt (a person or animal) to do something or to go somewhere,
especially by offering some form of reward.

There is every chance that only moments earlier

Taji was chewing this apple with Candi

just wishing it was hers.

Candi would have lured Taaji away from her

feast with a couple of timed barks

and made off towards an unseen intruder.

Taji being a labrador takes a bit longer to get going,

by which time Candi has doubled back and

grabbed the spoils leaving Taji without

something upon which to chew.






Entry track…

…to Killarney Beach.

In the late 50s early 60s it was said

these waters were full of stingrays.

In all the times I swam at Killarney I never saw,

or heard of a human/stingray encounter.


After entering the beach via the track in the first image

 and this is the view east, back to Warrnambool.


Water-Water-Everywhere:   #50





This one reminded me…

…of the day I told a class of

Grade 5 and Grade 6 students

that chalk and a slate was technology

when I was in primary school.

Spell checker or not we STILL

need to be able to spell.


My first year of teaching I had TEN periods

of Year 8 Maths each week…

three of which were on Friday.

It was a special occasion finishing

each day and especially on Friday.

After last week’s election…

…and the days since,

I’m beginning to wonder if this map

really is hanging in

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Whatever the case, this cartoon

did provide some comic relief.

All images came across my desk via Facebook


Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.