Every now and again I take my camera out

and shoot without really checking settings.

A similar problem occurs if I move from

a bright to dull setting.

The consequences are reversed if moving

from a dull to bright setting.

This Straight Out Of Camera (SOOC) image

on a foggy morning was far too dull for me.

A fiddle in Photoshop and I had two acceptable

and a bit different versions.

Same image, inverted colours.

I like both images but I think I am on my own.

Another form of editing I like

is cropping.

Image 2707 has too many distractions

and again a tad dull.


Image 2708 is much better with

the onboard flash operating…



Image 2708 (again) and the pick of the crop.

Again I used Picasa to crop and create

a macro style image.



Amanda                       Sandi

4 thoughts on “FriendlyFriday-Two-Ways

  1. Good to hear Picasa is still running. It was a good app.
    I do like your edits. How you have created day and night from the one photo of the pier. Thanks for joining in the Friendly Friday challenge.


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