In 2015 the best of our Golden Robinias

was a pretty sight in bloom. 

Every year since there have been

abundant blooms on that tree.



The Spring of 2020 was proving no exception

until the last week of October. 


There was either rain or wind

or both which ensured

that many of the new blooms

ended up on the ground

by week’s end.



Other than the sudden disappearance of flowers

spring sees all plants thriving and enjoying

some Sunday sunshine.



Even our cherry tree is fairly well

stocked again this year. 

We did not eat many last year

because birds found a gap where

the netting was not quite

joined properly.       😦

We shall be more careful

when netting this year.

Normally, because of their colour,

our maple trees are photographed

in autumn.


Because of our theme this week

I have added an image of our

Japanese Maples

in their spring dressing.












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