I have often posted about my farm life…

…which for many decades looked very similar to the above.

In 2001, I had just finished my teaching course and

was approached to lease the farm for tree production.

It was interesting watching the preparation phase

and it didn’t take long before our trees

were beginning to generate income.

With all fences down our farm looked empty inside…

…empty with 80,000 young trees beginning life.



Six or seven years later…half a dozen years further on

and all these trees were harvested.

Three or four years after harvest and the stumps had coppiced…



We’re on their way  to another harvest.

We have two plantings and March this the second planting

had been replanted and was thriving.

After nearly a century of sheep and cattle farming

the only livestock on this land is the

occasional kangaroo and koala.


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I don’t keep a regular diary and initially

was wondering what I could post.

Then I remembered the photo of these lion cubs

and its artistic transformation which hangs

in our living room.

We had seen one of Warren Carey’s (S.A. artist)

during our 2013 travels and very nearly made a purchase it.

Contact was made and Warren agreed to draw

one of our lion cub photos and

we had our souvenir.

The following year in Botswana MGW took this photo

and we decided that this would look good…

…on our living room wall also.

These are my snippets of the past decade

which will always remind me of our

visits to Africa.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Snippet





a frightening or unpleasant dream.

We often complain or are

frightened by a nightmare.

But many of our defence personnel

along with many civilians

have lived the nightmare

from which there was

no awakening.






Some images of uniquely Australian residents.


The New Holland Honeyeater was so named by…

…by Dutch explorers,

the first European explorers

to visit Australia.



Unique to Australia would not be complete

without mentioning the

cuddly Koala  🙂.



Amanda                       Sandi





Not far from the Geelong CBD…

…can be found, if you are lucky…


…Australia’s largest airborne bird,

the Wedge Tailed Eagle.


This vulture was rehabilitating in South Africa’s

Moholoholo Wildlife Centre.


In 2013 we were allowed to feed this magnificent bird. 

Its eye are focussed on the next hand

to hold and feed it.









Peeling paint and rust




Pipe joint



Vulture waiting to be fed at South Africa’s

Moholoholo Wildlife Rehabilitation Centre .



A Bateleur Eagle, also at Moholoholo.


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