Africa, Australia and the United KIngdom

provide this week’s birds.

Magpie (Long-tailed) Shrike

Sighted in

Kruger National Park 

South Africa



A Raven of the

Tower of London


Australian White Backed Magpie

helping itself to some morsels of leftovers

after coffee and a snack in

the Geelong Botanic Gardens.



Still hungry.


Only a small amount of black on

the male Superb Fairy Wren


Black Swan



Our resident

New Holland Honeyeaters


…have mostly black feathers.






16 thoughts on “BirdWeeklyPC-Black-Feathered-Birds

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  2. What a wonderful world of black feathered birds this week! That Raven shot is awesome! I find them hard to photograph because there is no distinction from the eye to the feathers themselves. 🙂


      • Ravens have a more curved beak and are larger than crows. At least here in the U.S. They are both solid black & smarter than a lot of humans! LOL! 🙂 Sorry, the election is tomorrow. I will be voting very early in the morning! Now we can talk about Vultures…. 🙂


      • The vultures are circling for the top job aren’t they? 🙂 We always vote early (postal) to avoid standing in long, cold, hot or windy queues. I will be happy to see your election over and done with as we are inundated with he said, he saids in news services at the moment. Tomorrow Morning (Wednesday) we are getting live coverage of counting for only the second time. Not sure if the candidates have any influence in that or not.

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      • I got up early and walked down to the polls. It’s at a church a block from my house. Took me 25 minutes to walk down there, vote and walk back. It was perfect! I had my sample ballot all filled out so I didn’t have to think about anything. Just copy my answers over. We had judges up for reelection and addendums to laws, etc. I had to research all of that. Hoping for a new day, a new dawn, a renewed democracy! Rally people were not allowed to be out there due to the pandemic! Only signs! It was pretty stress free! 🙂


      • Good to hear you got your voting done so easily. I can think of more times standing line for better part of an hour to vote. And as you may or may not know we are required by law to vote, or at least turn out, have our names ticked off and put ballot paper in the box. In other words vote informally. Only a very small percentage of informal votes at cast at any election though.

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      • WOW! required! hmmmm…..that is very interesting and no I did not know. I’m sure you are watching the results or getting an overview of what is going on here. Trump is being a cry baby. He has already filed a lawsuit on Pennsylvania. Probably going to sue Michigan next and demanding a recount in Wisconsin. We probably won’t have a defined winner until December 1st. Then the crap will be tied up in court. Trump will probably have to be removed by force if Biden wins.


      • Required by law and fined if your name is not ticked off as having attended a polling both. We may be the only country, or one of a small group of countries, which has compulsory voting. Has been an interesting week. It appears force may be required, as you said. For what it’s worth I think Biden has handled all this very well. And looks Presidential.

        Liked by 1 person

      • We agree that finally after 4 years we will have a man in the White House that sounds and acts like a president, a leader of our democracy. Joe is just a good guy! 😊


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