Through the kitchen window…

…Hawk vs Mudlark.



Red Rump Parrot


A few years back a pair of Spurwing Plovers began… 




…to nest somewhere around our mailbox.

One year I very nearly… 


…walked on their chicks.

One had gone to ground to hide around…

…three inches in front of my foot.


Can you see the spur on the left wing 

as you look at this photo. 


They have been absent for a few years.  

However, on Sunday they were heard,

and sighted, again after a long absence.



Superb Fairy Wren…

…and her mate.



One of our resident

New Holland Honeyeaters


Not sure if male or female, but it  was certainly

letting me know not to go near a wayward

offspring, which I had not spotted until after

the photo was taken such was

the ferocity of the adult voice.




SUNDAY STILLS PHOTO:….Backyard-Birding










Wordless Wednesday20_2810-Silo-Art


On Monday I took some time for a photo drive

back to the farm to check out the trees.

I also decided to make it a Cook’s Tour

and visit a couple of other photography sites

on my way home.

Thirty minutes from home I spied…




…this silo and it’s art work.

The Brolga and chicks…

…and ewes and lamb.


Stay safe.    🙂


Hope you enjoyed.