Book Review-Sweet Mercy

Sweet Mercy

Dirty Empire Trilogy Book #1


K. A. Tucker / Nina West


I only borrowed Sweet Mercy because I thought K. A. Tucker had co-authored with Nina West. Not finding any mention of K. A. Tucker in the book I turned to Google only to discover that Tucker also writes under the pseudonym, ‘Nina West’


I think it maybe best that Nina West accepts the credit for Sweet Mercy because it is nothing like the Burying Water or Simply Wild series.  In fact, had I read this book first and known it was a K. A. Tucker book I probably would not have read the Water and Wild books, or anything else bearing Tucker’s name.


Sweet Mercy commences with Mercy visiting her father in prison.  During the visit she notices Gabriel a good looking bloke visiting a hardened underworld criminal.  Gabriel also notices Mercy.  One thing leads to another and she ends up living with and falling for Gabriel. 


To say the living arrangements are raunchy would be an understatement.  Likewise, some may not approve of the graphic descriptions of sex scenes.  However, most of my life has be spent working in ‘rough’ workplaces and while parts of Sweet Mercy were out there with the roughest workmate I can think of, the language and descriptive passages did not offend me.  That is not to say that I enjoyed it, either.


While the Sweet Mercy plot reminded me of the Pretty Woman movie, the narrative was definitely Fifty Shades of Grey.


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