All images were taken within our garden

and often taken through a window

so as not to disturb our

feathered friends.

Prior to 2016 we used to have…


…a family of magpies visit on a regular basis. 


Two pups came along and quickly…


…told the magpies where to go.  🙂


Galahs and…

…Cockatoos visit

during summer months.


I’m not sure what they are after, however,

our yard receives a free aeration.


Mudlarks are known for their ability

to annoy other birds. 

This hawk must have had enough and

mudlark did not annoy anymore.



Red Rump Parrot is also another visitor.


The mate of this Superb Fairy Wren was

nesting somewhere among garden shrubs.

This family of… 


New Holland Honey Eaters…


…live in our garden all year round. 






23 thoughts on “BirdWeeklyPC-Birds-in-Garden

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  2. You have some really terrific visitors to your little world. It’s going to be hard to pick just one for the round up. 🙂 With the cockatoos, that looks like our yard when the White Ibises came for a visit last year. They cleared our yard of grubs that was eating our lawn or more like weeds. We don’t have grass anymore because we refuse to irrigate. Save the planet and all!!! The weeds are green and grown in nicely though.


    • THank you Lisa. We are bit the same here regarding water. We have clay soil and the top 12 inches goes as hard as a rock during summer months. We did seed and water one year, only to have our work undone the following summer by what could only be described as a drought. After a few yeas of very little rain between October and June we decided to accept our dust bowl during the dry as no amount of watering could maintain a moisture content sufficient enough to grow grass.

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    • It’s better to have them feed and roost elsewhere that the other way round. By way of explanation. Back in the seventies several hundred, perhaps a thousand sulphur crest cockies would descend on a neighbour’s pine tree during summer evenings. For several hours it was like listening to The Waltons bidding each other goodnight. Only worse. All would gradually quieten down till you could only hear a few birds talking. Then neighbour would fire a shot from his shotgun. Need I say any more?? 🙂

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