For this week’s challenge

…I commenced with a busy shot at the

Dahlia Farm.

This is the worst crop, in my opinion,

as it still has too many distractions

and the main subject is still unclear.

Some may consider the buds a distraction

in this crop, however, I think

they balance the main bloom nicely.



If you wanted a bloom only image then

this is the pick of the images.

Again, in my opinion.

I am stressing my opinion

as I don’t believe that my eye is

good, or artistic, enough.

However, as the topic is badly cropped

then my first crop is a waste of time

as far as improving the image goes

and is therefore, badly cropped


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Badly-Cropped






an activity done regularly in one’s
leisure time for pleasure.

If I had to state what my hobby was,

I would not hesitate to proclaim

that it was photography.

The advent of digital technology has made photography

all the more interesting.




I think it is also the ‘now‘ of

digital photography, which I  like.

The only thing I am not overly keen on is

processing photos and learning how to use

software to make said processing look good.

Far from my best sunset photo and it takes

about 30 minutes driving to get to

my favourite sunrise spot on

Corio Bay shores.