Book Review-The-Three-Secret-Cities


The Three Secret Cities

(Jack West Jr, #5)

Matthew Reilly


Prior to the release of Matthew Reilly’s new book, The Two Lost Mountains (Jack West #6), on Tuesday October 13th, to refresh my memory I decided to listen to previous books Three Secret Cities and The Four  Legendary Kingdoms again after finding both in our library’s audio collection.

The Three Secret Cities is set immediately after The Four Legendary Kingdoms and Jack West is still trying to save the world while the underworld kings and villains are trying to eliminate, or help Jack because of his achievements in the underworld games.  This is why I recommend reading The Four Legendary Kingdoms again simply because there are several characters, both villain and heroes, included in The Three Secret Cities, who were introduced in Legendary Kingdoms.  Fortunately Reilly mentions the fact that characters have been part of Legendary Kingdoms and does not dwell on their part in that story.

Again The Three Secret Cities sees Matthew Reilly putting Jack West (Junior) through all sorts of trials in another action packed adventure which contains enough characters, mythical or otherwise, to make his story almost believable.  It’s nearly two years since I read The Three Secret Cities and rated it as a five star read.  I think it still worthy of another five star rating in 2020.

Matthew Reilly fans will again fall in love with Jack West’s adventure.

After my second read of

The Three Secret Cities (Jack West Jr #5)


The Three Secret Cities

I have again rated it

 a fast paced action packed

five star read.

At the time of completing

this review (October 2020)

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Three Secret Cities

an average of 4.32 stars

from 4,866 ratings

and 504 reviews.


The Three Secret Cities

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the state or quality of being worthy
of honour or respect.

Cats and I are not really friends.

However I believe there is dignity in cats.

This morning we watched our newest feline

carefully making his way through long grass

knowing there was every chance of him

standing in an inch of water.

Never have I seen a cat gallop

through water like dogs do.

Dogs have little dignity however,

they love you unconditionally.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:….Dignity