During the past year or so I have been

playing around entering photos in

challenges on Gurushots.com

So, for this weekend’s challenge

I am posting some of the images

which have been voted into the

Top 10% of a challenge.

The first three have all received enough votes

in a challenge to see them finish in

the top 10% of their challenge.

All images have also had multiple…

…Top 20% and Top 30% achievements

in other challenges.

While this Griffin Gully Pier photo

has achieved the highest number

of votes of all of my photos achieving

three Top 100 rankings and

Multiple Top 20% and Top 30% finishes

it has never finished in the Top 10%.

Should anyone be interested in

having a look at my images on


Clicking the above link should take you

to my photos page.



Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Give-It-10

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