Not our home…but it is our home.

This display home was one we fell in love with

and which suited our block of land.

It’s not furnished like this.



Most important room…the dining/kitchen area.

Dining area

This was known as the rumpus room.

We now call it our living room.


On our living room wall we

do have this image.

A pencil or charcoal drawing of

this photo to remind us of

our 2013 safari experience.

Mounted on my study wall is this abstract.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:….Inside-My-Home









I am so pleased that many African birds

have the word


as part of their name.  

The African Fish Eagle has a call which carries

a long distance on the evening air.




African Hawk Eagle

sighted in

South Africa


African Harrier Hawk,

sighted in

Greater Kruger National Park.




African Scops Owl

sighted in

Kruger National Park.












Around an hour drive from Vancouver Island’s

Victoria we came to the township of Chemainus,

famous for its Murals.

Some of these murals will follow in my

Photo Walk post.


These murals are not in any specific place,

that is a Mural Park, or similar.



…they are on any wall…


…in the town.

Murals also…



…focussed on the pioneering days…


… when wind…




…and manual labour was the way tasks were completed.


All murals, large or small, are…

…numbered so that visitors can

read the story of each mural.

I am assuming that is the reason for the numbers.

We barely had time to find our way

into town and back again

photographing murals as we found them.

Soon we were back on the coach to

catch our ferry across to the mainland.


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