Today is the first time I have

ever heard of the colour Tiger.

However, it seems that the Tiger colour is orange,

so this scooter may suit the challenge admirably.


Oranges or mandarins…either one is okay by my eyes.

Believe it or not this car is not

Tiger Colour, nor Orange.

Its official colour is Jaffa.

Now I don’t know if the

rest of the world has heard of Jaffas.

Think lollies or candy.

A Jaffa is a ball of chocolate

covered in a hard,

dark orange or red, edible coating.

My Father used to talk of sitting in

the back row at the movies so he, or others,

could roll Jaffas down the aisle.

That could only have happened

before the aisles were carpeted.

As for Jaffa being a colour, the car

is one of the last Holdens made in Australia.

So just not sure if it is a Australian colour

or a colour from General Motors USA.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:…Tiger

4 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Tiger-Colour

  1. Love the scooter. We used to have an advert for petrol ‘Put a tiger in your tank!’

    There is a large orange called a Jaffa Orange so I imagine that what’s in your chocolate. We have a similar thing called. Jaffa cake. 🙂


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