Not all big portrait smiles today,

however, all smiles or facial expressions

captured at an entertaining afternoon

at Sausage Tree Safari Camp.


The girl appears concerned,

the boys likewise.


Somewhere between a smile and

very concerned as he had just

gone through the floor.


A nervous smile, maybe.

I’m fairly certain I would have been

nervous had roles been reversed.



A little more relaxed now.

I wonder why?



He is putting her down and

she is still dry, that’s why.


With a smile like that you would have

to join him for a dance,

wouldn’t you?

That smile and those eyes…is she playing

hard to get?


He will just have to try

a more subtle approach.



Amanda                       Sandi





During a long dry spell our backyard quickly turns

from lush green grass to dry and dusty

with only the occasional weed providing

some colour.



A dry stone wall fence, and…


…a South African dry creek bed,

finalise today’s contributions.

















succeed in reaching a person who is ahead of one.

After reading many blogs I often find myself

reading of the authors’ grandchildren.

I now find myself in a position where I feel I am catching up

with other parents by having the word ‘Grand’

in front of my/our names.

A big hello to our first grandchild.

It’s hard to imagine that our No 1

is going to be a father.