The following are some of the animals

which I consider farm animals.

You may disagree with my selection.

Hereford calf.

Hereford cattle.

Sheep and lambs


While many will not think of a dog as being a farm animal,

I don’t know of any sheep or cattle farm which

does not rely heavily on the help of

our canine friends.


Similarly cats have a role on a farm.

In fact it was the summer of 2017

after Soxie has passed away that we

had a mouse infestation in my shed.

…which threatened to spread to inside the house.

This image is not a set up, it was taken after

these two were caught in the garage one night.

Since Smudge joined our menagerie we have not

seen a rodent of any sort, thankfully.


Cee’s Black & White Challenge:….Farm-Animals




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