Africa, Australia and the United KIngdom

provide this week’s birds.

Magpie (Long-tailed) Shrike

Sighted in

Kruger National Park 

South Africa



A Raven of the

Tower of London


Australian White Backed Magpie

helping itself to some morsels of leftovers

after coffee and a snack in

the Geelong Botanic Gardens.



Still hungry.


Only a small amount of black on

the male Superb Fairy Wren


Black Swan



Our resident

New Holland Honeyeaters


…have mostly black feathers.








Patterns in Nature

My first pattern is a manmade pattern in nature.

Does that mean it is a pattern in nature?

Probably not.

It is either the result of burning stubble

after harvesting or the preparatory phase

of preparing a paddock for seeding.


Always liked the horse in striped pajamas.


Terrapin Shell.



Corrugated beach sand.



Grevillea flowers arcs and swirls





Cee’s Black & White Challenge:….Patterns-in-Nature








spread throughout an organ or the body.

A little over twelve months ago…

I had this melanoma removed.

Fortunately it was a low grade melanoma

and hopefully all has been removed.


This shot taken a few weeks, or months,

after the plastic surgeon had left me

with a black black and blue eye,

and I was beginning to look better.

He had three goes before he was happy

that there was enough clearance all round

and that it had not disseminated.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:….Disseminate







cool (food or drink), typically in a refrigerator.

Chilling food…

…in a freezer.

Tourists chilling out…

…in the Forty Below room.







When I think of one colour I invariably

think of this image.

Might be struggling for ninety percent.


…a quick crop and I am sure it bolts in

the ninety percent rule.

For the record, this is NOT a product

of Photoshop or such like.

This is Mother Nature’s handiwork.


Various shades of home grown cherry red