Book Review-The-Four-Legendary-Kingdoms-2020

The Four Legendary Kingdoms


Matthew Reilly


Recently I noticed two things of interest.  First Matthew Reilly’s new book, The Two Lost Mountains (Jack West #6), is due to hit the shelves on October 13.

Second, my local library had audio versions of The Four Legendary Kingdoms and The Three Secret Cities on their digital shelves.  To refresh my memory I decided to listen to previous books Three Secret Cities and The Four  Legendary Kingdoms again after finding both in our library’s audio collection.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms was as good the third time as it was the first.  As usual, Mr Reilly’s action hero was full of action, overcoming the odds to win where he should not.

The Four Legendary Kingdoms is set around games of a mythical origin with competitors ‘selected’ to compete from all around the world.  So what better way to work Scarecrow into an adventure which is primarily a Jack West (Huntsmen) book?  And that is the only part of the story I will reveal here.  Fans of all things Matthew Reilly will love the plot/storyline, as I did.

After my third read of

The Four Legendary Kingdoms

The Four Legendary Kingdoms (Jack West Jr, #4)

I have again rated it

 a fast paced action packed



At the time of completing this review (September 2020)

other Goodreads readers had awarded

The Four Legendary Kingdoms

an average of 4.30 stars

from 7,152 ratings

and 692 reviews.



It was recommended to read The Four Legendary Kingdoms again prior to reading Three Secret Cities, Matthew Reilly’s latest work.   This was good advice as it has been a year or two since The Four Legendary Kingdoms was published and Three Secret Cities is a sequel which continues on from the end of The Four Legendary Kingdoms.

I do not normally re-read a book however; in this case it was well worth reading again.  More to the point it was as enjoyable in 2018-2019 as it was in 2016.


October 28, 2016

Back writing in his best style another action packed adventure from Matthew Reilly.  A definite FIVE star book and to say anymore would give away story and plot.  Except…I am sure there will be a sequel.


I have rated

The Four Legendary Kingdoms

The Four Legendary Kingdoms (Jack West Jr, #4)

as a


It is a fast paced,  action packed

read and worthy of a place on

My Favourites


The Four Legendary Kingdoms

can be purchased on-line at

Booktopia, and Fishpond and Amazon‎

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