Although traffic is extremely limited

around our farm, it was still amazing

how much of the outside world

our trees soon blocked out.

With a reduction in noise

wildlife soon moved in.

I only ever sighted kangaroos.

However the harvesting team

had to leave some trees to cater

for koalas which they sighted.

From whence they came I do not know.



There is an inland road to the

Great Ocean Road

via the township of Forest.

The rest of my photos are images taken

during several drives to Forest and beyond.


Although my photo does not do it justice

this off the main road spot is gorgeous.



Amanda                       Sandi




Over many years…

… I had heard of Menin Gate.

Menin Gate is probably the most well known entrance

to the City of Ypres in Belgium.


Each evening at 2000 hours buglers play

the last post for the gathered crowd.

In 2017 the spectacle was supervised

by two lions on loan from…


Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium

…the Australian War Memorial.

Originally the lions were donated to Australia

by the Mayor of Ypres in 1936.


Menin Gate, Ypres, Belgium

Although the crowd was not as large as previous nights.

After the event those who wished

could lay a wreath in memory

of the fallen.


One Word Sunday Challenge:  Spectacle