Up Close and Personal with…


…Superb Fairy Wrens (Male)….



…and Female Fairy Wren.





Also with…

…New Holland Honeyeaters…

…gender unknown  🙂



A Photo a Week Challenge:….Up-Close-And-Personal




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As much as I would love to be able to

take some portraits/people shots

I prefer nature, landscapes.

At least nature, landscapes cannot

critique one’s work or object

to it being displayed.

Nature’s jewels.

The best image after waiting,

in near sub-zero temperatures,

for a heavy fog to clear.


Northern White Crowned Shrike

Sighted in South Africa, 2013.



One of my all time favourite images


Dawn on Corio Bay

Earlier this year I managed to capture this image.

My focus was on a rising sun to the left.

For some reason I glanced right and had

a far better sight to capture than the ho hum

sunrise it turned out to be.


Technically probably not the best photo,

however, I think it is very close

to the top of my favourites list.


Sunset Silhouettes

These are some of the sights which inspire me

to roll out that bit earlier or stay out later.


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sparing or economical as regards money or food.

Instead of being overly frugal this year

I used some of my holiday savings……to lash out…

…and purchase some plants…

…and some tools for my man cave.

Not all my savings, just some.


Fandango’s One Word Challenge:   Frugal