The only way wind farms are useful is if they

are blown by the wind.

Does that meet the criteria?  🙂

On the other hand…

….these neighbours trees..,

…are much safer…

  …and are more useful…

…if they are not…

…being blown by strong…

…westerly winds.

By the end of October

some of the crops…

…will be tall enough to be blown by gentle winds.

It reminds me of surface rolling

into beaches when this happens.



August 5, 2014 there was enough wind about to make

our flags look good at the 100th Memorial of Firing the

First Shot of World War I.

We scored an invitation because my Grandfather

was part of the Gun Crew which

fired that Shot across the bow of the

German Freighter SS Pfalz

from Point Nepean Fort.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:….Wind-Blown

4 thoughts on “WeeklyPrompts-Photo-Challenge-Wind-Blown

  1. Oh, that’s so interesting about your grandfather.
    Many people find wind farms a blot on the landscape but I’m fascinated by them and probably because they’re so science fiction in their appearance.
    Fortunately, we don’t have massive wind farms here just small clusters in remote areas. If we do have large wind farms I haven’t seen any.
    I dislike the ones that are just out at sea, usually, the sea farms are bigger farms and they really are ugly blots.
    Love your choice of images thank you, Woolly 🙂


    • I can assure you there were/are just as many out here who have similar thoughts. Sometimes I think they are mainly those who are not reaping the rental rewards who are the most vocal. The wind farm near our farm is spread over 5,000 or 6,000 acres. THe story was that two neighbors decided to install a wind farm and decided they required more land. So they asked another neighbour, who owned 700 acres, to join the venture. He declined. So one of the first two made the third party an offer he could not refuse…just to acquire and extra 700 acres. And that is allegedly how the largest wind farm in the southern hemisphere began.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, that’s so awful. That must be an absolute eyesore. The ones I’ve seen have been in small clusters of around half a dozen or so, except from the ones at sea.
        I would be horrified to see a wind farm on the scale you talked about! I can understand why you dislike them, I would be the same as you.


      • You do get used to them and I am not totally against wind farms. In fact just wish I had been asked to be involved. Would have jumped at the opportunity, just as I did when asked to lease my land for agroforestry. And plenty of others have survived that industry with grumbles 🙂


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