The only way wind farms are useful is if they

are blown by the wind.

Does that meet the criteria?  🙂

On the other hand…

….these neighbours trees..,

…are much safer…

  …and are more useful…

…if they are not…

…being blown by strong…

…westerly winds.

By the end of October

some of the crops…

…will be tall enough to be blown by gentle winds.

It reminds me of surface rolling

into beaches when this happens.



August 5, 2014 there was enough wind about to make

our flags look good at the 100th Memorial of Firing the

First Shot of World War I.

We scored an invitation because my Grandfather

was part of the Gun Crew which

fired that Shot across the bow of the

German Freighter SS Pfalz

from Point Nepean Fort.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:….Wind-Blown



I just love this Camellia

simply because it  came from

the farm when we moved.

I’m not exactly sure of it’s purchased date,

however, it was planted under a willow tree

in our backyard where it survived

but did not flower.

We had it for at least four or five years

prior to moving in September 2005.

Fifteen years later and it is

going stronger than ever.







a long body of water curling into an arched form
and breaking on the shore


As  you  can see by my definition

of ‘wave’ mine are all

wet ones today.

All Torquay Beach waves.

A vey rough day a while back.

Surfing Torquay


And again…

Torquay wipe out.

I’m sure this would look more like a small tsunami

if the tourists were not admiring

the surf at Torquay