Found some more street art

this week.

Seeing as I don’t imbibe I have no idea how

this 2015 price compares with 2020 prices.

And maybe a mouthful or two would be required

to interpret this piece of art.



A stone’s throw from, and on on perhaps

This is my preference of these two.

It is blue…my  favourite colour and

in the bottom left corner there appears

to be an image which resemble

last year’s X-Rays of my

new knee joint.


My-Corner-of-the-World:  2309





Arras Bell Tower (France)

Clock face

Face of surprise as the dancer’s foot

broke through the floor

Happy faces at

Sausage Tree Safari Camp


Smiling face of belly dancer at

Dubai (U.A.E.)

Desert Dinner.


Weekly Prompt Photo Challenge:….TheFace