The Apartment 


K. L. Slater

The Apartment was my second of K. L. Slater’s novels.  Freya, and her young daughter, Skye, are finding life difficult since the unexpected death of estranged husband and father.

Freya happens to meet elderly Doctor Marsden who is also looking for a tenant for a vacant apartment in his building in up market Kensington.  The apartment was not large but the peppercorn rent  being asked for the apartment, more than made up for its lack of size.  However would cheap rent and an up market setting compensate for the unease Freya felt about moving?

All tenants are much older than Freya’s thirty odd years, and all but one are not really friendly.   The ‘but one’ tenant is by far the friendliest and takes Skye under her wing paying special attention to the young girl.

A rumour emerges that a young girl died in Freya’s apartment however, Doc Marsden assures Freya that no child has lived in her apartment.

If my memory is working it is around here that things begin to go bump in the night….literally.  Around the mid-night hour things going bump and goose bumps was creepy and not wanted.  For anyone who may be thinking of reading The Apartment, you have been warned!

After slow-ish beginning, The Apartment developed into a very good read.  I cannot remember the last novel which gave me goose bumps.  For that I congratulate Ms Slater.


I rated

The Apartment

The Apartment

as a solidstar read.

At the time of writing my review other

Goodreads readers have rated

The Apartment

an average of 3.75 stars

from 5,855 ratings

and 1,339 reviews

The Apartment

is available online


Booktopia,  Fishpond and Amazon

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